Displace exhibition

Starting to get the hang of things on here now (in a very basic way only!). Here is a photograph taken of a solo exhibiton I had at the start of 2009 entitled 'Displace':

The paintings were based on local ghost stories, myths and my own memories from growing up in Leicestershire. The paintings play with the idea of representing different times, ideas and spaces within one image.

The paintings are multi-layered, with imagery overlaping and no reference to a definate space. I use acrylic paint and try to develop different ways of manipulating this medium on the canvas.

I will upload individual photos of the paintings soon as they are very busy images and are perhaps easier to view independently.

My current painting 'Cayley' is now on the easel and I will take some 'in progress' photos of this as it evolves (I'm hoping to complete this canvas in time for an exhibiton submission deadline later in the year...).

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