Welcome (to you and me)

My very first blog - how exciting! I am hoping to use this as an opportunity to track my thoughts on the art work that I create and hopefully make contact with others who make art work when the 'day job' doesn't interfere (a rich patron to buy my work wouldn't be too bad either).

I am a painter and Fine Art degree graduate. I have continued to paint and would be interested to hear about exhibition opportunities (particularly as deadlines are always a good motivator).

I will try and get some images uploaded as soon as I have familiarised myself with all of the set-ups.

I am currently in the process of working on my own painting practice as well as a couple of commissions.

I am hoping that by keeping a blog I will be able to keep a log of how works develop and where things go right or wrong. Obviously I am also hoping that this blog will, at some point, become a bit more visual - just off now to see if I can work out how to get some pictures uploaded...

#FineArt #AdamBrant

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